Welcome to Laura Cheeseman Advanced Beauty Expert - Lash Extensions
Welcome to Laura Cheeseman Advanced Beauty Expert -
Diamond Silk Eyelash Extensions!

Using a range of the most popular brands of lashes on the market.

Currently £50!


 Full Set Glossy Black Lashes
 Full Set plus one free infil
Quick fix flared lashes on outer corners
£20 2 weeks £25 3 weeks


Maintenance  require every 2-5 weeks or as you feel needed (providing 50% of lashes are still present)                                                            
Natural or False lash effects achievable.
Coloured lashes available prior request!
Lasting between a minimum of 2 weeks or as long as you wish! (providing proper after care
 is carried out Indefinitely if maintained
After care is very important to keep your lashes looking healthy and lasting longer, please
 ask when you come for your appointment.
 These lashes can thicken, lengthen or do both to your natural lashes, you can decide the effect
you would like, natural or a little more dramatic, or maybe a sweeping look! Whatever you
require please discuss when booking your appointment.
Please come eye make-up free
Tinting can be done to maximise the effects but 24-48 hours prior to treatment (discount applies)
No sauna, steam or contact with water 24 hours after application.
The more care taken with your new lashes, the longer they will last
Bottom application not available and not recommended for everyday wear.


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