Welcome to Laura Cheeseman Advanced Beauty Expert - Meso Vytal face, neck, hands
Welcome to Laura Cheeseman Advanced Beauty Expert -
Meso Vytal
Meso Vytal
After 4 treatments
Meso Vytal
Face, Neck, Chest and Hands
£60 a session 
£300 for a course of 6
After just one session! No touch ups and client available to discuss treatment.

Meso Vytal is a digital skin needling process using plastic needles, Meso Vytal cell boost substances penetrate very effectively right to the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis and place the highlt effective substances directly at the problem area
Client Questions
Does it hurt?
Not really, but each individual is different, the needles are plastic and less invasive than other skin needling techniques.
What skin care routine do you recommend afterwards?
The beauty of these products is that you don't have to buy an expensive skin care range after the treatment. Carry on using your usual skin care as long as it contains an SPF of at least 30.
How is it different to Dermaroller?
Vytal is less invasive; we do not need to use numbing creams on the skin which means the products are able to work better. The contoured needle head means we can be more specific in your treatments and target finer areas, we can go around the under eye area.
How will I look at the end of treatment?
There is very little downtime with this treatment . You may look slightly red immediately after but this will quickly subside. The skin starts to heal immediately and you should notice a difference within 2 treatments.Peeling skin may occur, this is dehydrated skin leaving the stratum corneum
What after care solutions should I use?
The aftercare solution is provided with your first treatment Mineral make-up can be used straight away.
How far apart are the treatments?
For the first 4 weeks it is recommended that the treatment is once a week then monthly, we appreciate time is important to people these days so we can discuss your options on the day of your first treatment
How soon after Botox and Fillers can I have Meso Vytal?
With Botox it is best to leave at least 2 weeks after Botox before starting a treatment. With Fillers, leave at least 21 days so the fillers can settle..

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