Welcome to Laura Cheeseman Advanced Beauty Expert - Spray Tanning
Welcome to Laura Cheeseman Advanced Beauty Expert -
After being in this industry for many years now, I've used my fair share of sunless tanners, inc St Tropez, Fake Bake and Sienna XI've also seen and had some bad ones!As my clients know, I spend a lot of time and do in depth research into my treatments and after a lot of deliberating and further research, I have decided to take on Sienna X, the range is professional, with a great colour, different shades for different skin types and good ingredients, I will also add another brand later in the summer but for now, this one, for me and a few friends and clients has come off on top.

£25 plus goody bag.
Book a spray tan party and the host receives a tan free! Plus a goody bag for all.

What shade will suit me?

Choosing the right shade of fake tan can be tricky if you've never had a sunless tan before, which is where the advice of expert tanning therapists comes in!
Take the time to book a consultation with a tanning therapist before taking the plunge. You'll get the chance to discuss your requirements and learn more about the spray tanning procedure so that you feel comfortable and prepared on the day. What's more you'll also have the peace of mind that your expectations will match up to the end result, allowing you to enjoy the pampering process from start to finish.
Let your therapist know if you want to achieve a striking golden hue or a softer look - they will tailor your treatment to create the perfect colour and choose a product that contains the required level of DHA.
DHA is the active ingredient in spray tan solution and it works by reacting with the air and the amino acids on the surface of the skin - it darkens the top layer of cells gradually, resulting in a natural-looking tan. Spray tanning means you can have a beautiful sunless tan that is safe and won’t have any ageing effects.
The spray tan itself takes just ten minutes to complete so you'll have plenty of time to fit an appointment in after work or during your lunch hour. Remember to wear loose clothing following your treatment to avoid creating marks on the surface of the skin that can occur from strappy tops and tight fitting jeans. After your treatment your therapist will advise you of ways to prolong that gorgeous Sienna X glow.

The luscious but stimulating elements that make up the Sienna X range are second to none.
Glamorous, moisture-enriching and streak-free, modern day tanning treatments are better than they've ever been before.
 Fortunately fake tan no longer contains a never-ending list of complicated chemicals; instead it combines naturally occurring materials, known for their skin healing properties, with clever substances that react with the dermis to create a flawless finish without the unpleasant smells.
With years of expertise under our belt, the Sienna X team has worked tirelessly to create a selection of key fake tan products that leave the skin feeling and looking smooth and replenished. Many of our tried and tested formulations contain natural ingredients that enrichen the dermis, such as aloe vera, shea butter and pomegranate - each one soothes, softens and promotes the healing of the skin in addition to lending a sweet smelling scent and perfume.Other components of our award winning sprays and lotions include grapefruit oil, which works to drain excess fluid and reduce cellulite, and sweet almond oil that restores elasticity. Cocoa butter is added to improve the skin's radiance and the anti-oxidant properties of ginger extract protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.Sienna X is the perfect brand to turn to if you want to take advantage of the earth's natural remedies and balms without sacrificing on the reliability of your products. Enhance your natural beauty today by using our assortment of sprays, lotions and body polishes.

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